Cape Fear Valley Health TAVR OR

The TAVR OR project was a renovation of approximately 250 square-feet removing a former EP lab into support space and providing for new TAVR Operating Room. Work included removal of 2nd story roof structure and providing vertical expansion of 1,600 square-feet, 15 feet high. During this process, the roof was open during the day to perform the work and it had to be closed and made watertight overnight. This project was occupied by doctors and hospital staff in adjacent rooms during construction. Cleanliness and infection control was critical. Exterior finishes of EFIS and concrete over metal deck along with a new AHU to serve the space. Interior work included structural supports for equipment along with Unistrut channels. Project included all new plumbing, Medical Gas, HVAC and electrical serving the renovated area.

  • Project Value: $1.176 Million
  • Duration: 210 days


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