UNC Old East and West Buildings

UNC-Chapel Hill’s Old East and Old West Buildings, built in 1795 and 1823 respectively, are two of the oldest public university buildings in the United States. UNC-Chapel Hill contracted Riley Contracting Group to renovate the exterior and interior of each building. The exterior project involved complete restoration of the masonry, including paint stripping, repointing, brick patch and replacement, and a total roof replacement. To maintain the buildings’ historical condition, the masonry was coated with a lime wash, and each building’s stone sills were repaired or replaced. The total roof replacement involved a new standing seam copper, complemented with copper eves, cupolas, entries and water tables. The interior project involved the addition of new bathrooms, fire alarm system, and mechanical and sprinkler systems.

  • Project Value: $5.7 Million
  • Duration: 365 days


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