NCSU Carmichael Pool and Casey Aquatics Center Entrance Lobby

The NCSU Carmichael Pool and Casey Aquatics Center project was a phased replacement and upgrade of the pool equipment that serves the 25-yard and 50-meter pools at the Carmichael complex and construction of a new 1,100 square-foot entrance lobby addition to the existing pool complex. The equipment for the 25-yard pool was replaced summer of 2010 and the 50-meter equipment was replaced summer of 2011. The mechanical room systems were replaced to include the filtration, disinfectant and PH balance, water heating, room ventilation, and room lighting. In addition, the 25-yard pool received a new gutter system, deck surface tile and a removable starting blocking system.

  • Project Value: $1.5 Million
  • Duration: 90 days


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