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Whether our clients are renovating an office space, expanding an entertainment venue, or manufacturing an industrial facility, Riley Contracting Group provides all the pieces required to make an impressive commercial space. Design, budgeting, and scheduling are all managed in a single cohesive approach which allows our clients to focus their time and energy more efficiently. From start to finish, our companies mission is to meet a clients’ construction schedule and exceed their highest quality expectations.

Previous Projects

Old Apex Road Center
Cary, NC

This flex-space project was office/retail/warehouse combined in a single story covering 22,500 square feet. The 22’ roof spans the entire property, while each bay included an overhead door and it’s own separate utilities. This project also required a road expansion reaching to Old Apex Road, while abiding by all NC DOT standards.

Copeland Oak Center
Morrisville, NC

This project required construction of four flex buildings, occupying 24,000 square feet each atop an 8 acre lot. Two buildings required high docks, dedicated storefront, new water mains, sewer extension, and on site utilities. The site and surrounding area laid on heavy rock deposits that required a unique approach including Ground Vibration Monitoring Devices to monitor and mitigate impact on local businesses.

Sommerset on 55
Cary, NC

This project focused on a two story medical office building that occupies 24,000 square feet. Since the occupants are in the medical industry, a low impact approach was used during the process. The exterior finish was generated completely of brick and storefront glass, while the challenging topography on this property lead us to apply some innovative solutions.

Projects Images

Get a closer look at some of the projects we’ve masterfully handled in the past. If you like what you see and think our team could assist on your next project, hop over to the contact page and get in touch.