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When it comes to building in sensitive, controlled environments, Riley Contracting Group comes second to none. From our formation, we have placed a large focus on professionally managing construction projects in patient-occupied medical facilities. Our commitment to providing exacting services in a low impact environment is one quality that sets us apart form the pack. We have an absolute dedication to providing quality work, without interrupting patient care. Our team follows a time-tested methodology which provides thorough communication, logistics coordination, and precise project implementation. Our industry experience keeps healthcare clients coming back and our dedication to efficiency allows us to grow along with the medical and scientific fields.

Previous Projects

Rex Hospital

Raleigh, NC

Riley Contracting Group has completed numerous projects at Rex Hospital including…

Surgery Center: Riley Contracting conducted multiple phased renovations on 3000 square feet of occupied surgical suite and 1700 square feet of expansion space at their industry leading surgery center. These projects spanned various services and locations including building a new sub sterile room, providing new washers / sterilizers, upgrading plumbing, lining medical gas, running sprinkler lines, replacing HVAC, and upgrading electrical work.

Linear Accelerator: This project focused on replacing & renovating a new linear accelerator at Rex Hospital. Work was conducted on occupied space covering roughly 2,000 square feet. Improvements addressed interior renovations including structural concrete, surface finishes, and all associated plumbing, mechanical, and electric work.

Cafeteria: The Rex Cafeteria Servery project consisted of a complete renovation to Rex’s primary cafeteria. This approximately 4,000 square foot space is mostly comprised of the serving line and dining room area. All finishes were improved and constructed while remaining fully operational.


Raleigh, NC

Riley Contracting Group has been doing business with WakeMed for 20 years. The following is a sampling of projects we have completed over the years…

WakeMed Observation 1: This Project consisted of complete demo of existing office area to provide for new 10 bed Patient observation unit. Up fit provided nurse stations, break room and support space for the unit. Project included new sprinkler, plumbing HVAC and electrical work including medical gas and nurse call system. Project also provided pneumatic tube delivery station tied into hospital system.

VISICU & ICU Finishes: Installation of remote monitoring equipment in 88 Intensive Care patient rooms. Equipment includes monitoring camera, speaker, Elert panic alarms, server and monitor screen. Work was done in 30 phases averaging 3 rooms at a time. 38 rooms were completely renovated simultaneously including new ceilings, HVAC distribution, lighting, wall protection, window shades and paint. Work completed in 120 days.

Also: Additional projects we’re conducted on the following properties, If you’d like further details on them feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience…

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Get a closer look at some of the projects we’ve masterfully handled in the past. If you like what you see and think our team could assist on your next project, hop over to the contact page and get in touch.