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Riley Contracting Group has completed several well received projects for primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Whether we’re building new structures, constructing additions, or renovating auditoriums, we understand that scheduling is absolutely critical when conducting institutional projects. Our record for completing projects on time, under tight deadlines, with industry leading quality speaks to our commitment. Every government or municipal client has been impressed with our work and it’s our goal to ensure they’re astounded by our professionalism of our approach.

Previous Projects

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC

Leazer Hall: Renovations addressed over 45,000 square feet of space on NC State’s Main Campus. This project included improvements to the stair tower, public elevator, open class areas, mezzanine, classrooms, installation / replacement of terrazzo flooring, and updating the historic railing system.

NCSU Derr Track: This project updated the school’s baseball facilities while massively improving it’s functionality and design. This includes improvements to the existing grandstand, addition of new seating, constructing an open-air press box, adding public restrooms, providing a team meeting building, and modernizing the batting cage building.

Also: Additional projects we’re conducted on the following properties, If you’d like further details on them feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience…

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