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Rex Hospital - Medical & Laboratory | Riley Contracting Group

Medical & Laboratory

When it comes to building in sensitive, controlled environments, Riley Contracting Group comes second to none. From our formation, we have placed a large focus on professionally managing construction projects in patient-occupied medical facilities. Our commitment to providing exacting services in a low impact environment is one quality that sets us apart form the pack. We have an absolute dedication to providing quality work, without interrupting patient care. Our team follows a time-tested methodology which provides thorough communication, logistics coordination, and precise project implementation. Our industry experience keeps healthcare clients coming back and our dedication to efficiency allows us to grow along with the medical and scientific fields.

Leazar Hall - NCSU - Government & Municipality |Riley Contracting Group

Government & Municipality

Riley Contracting Group has completed well received projects for primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Whether we’re building new structures, constructing additions, or renovating auditoriums, we understand that scheduling is absolutely critical when conducting institutional projects. Our record for completing projects on time, under tight deadlines, with industry leading quality speaks to our commitment. Every government or municipal client has been impressed with our work and astounded by the professionalism of our approach.

Historical Renovations - Watuga Hall | Riley Contracting Group

Historical Renovations

Riley Contracting Group has the experience that allows any historical renovation project to be put in it's best light. Our unwavering attention to detail allows us to uncover the heritage of any building, while ensuring the modern functionality that our clients demand. Precision, a low-impact approach, and a deeply held respect for the history of a property come together to leave our clients in awe. We understand that preserving the past plays a large role in a properties future and we see every project as an opportunity to express that passion.

Office and Retail | Riley Contracting Group

Office & Retail

Whether our clients are renovating an office space, expanding an entertainment venue, or manufacturing an industrial facility, Riley Contracting Group provides all the pieces required to make an impressive commercial space. Design, budgeting, and scheduling are all managed in a single cohesive approach which allows our clients to focus their time and energy more efficiently. From start to finish, our companies mission is to meet a clients’ construction schedule and exceed their highest quality expectations.