BISM - Ribbon Cutting

Construction Boosting Disabled Employment – BISM Project

Blind Industries Services of Maryland has recently relocated its Raleigh office to Harrod St. in Raleigh. This transition has afforded Blind Industries the opportunity of a facilities upgrade, allowing them increased capacity to meet the growing demand for products crafted by the visually impaired. This new site construction promotes both a boon in their workforce and increased output capacity; with an end result of gainful employment of more of North Carolina’s visually impaired residents.

The creation of a new facility for the visually impaired created a problem set completely alien to the design and construction team. A final product compatible with the needs of Blind Industries’ employees would take understanding of the challenge faced everyday by this particular labor pool. Solutions like ensuring the workplace was tactile in nature, or that all necessary tools were within arm’s reach of the workers appear simple in retrospect, but were part of a painstaking planning process.

BISM - Raleigh Grand OpeningBlind Industries’ new site opened for business on December 4th, 2014. The powerful efforts of Blind Industries were reinforced with the by Betty Joe Shepard from Senator Richard Burr’s Office as she read the words of Senator BurrRepresentative Rosa Gill from the NC House of Representatives was also present and stated that “Blind Industries is changing what it means to be blind”. In summary the Representative touted the efforts of Blind Industries ( in bringing jobs for the visually impaired to the Raleigh area.

BISM - New Building
BISM - Ribbon Cutting
BISM - Interior Construction

The highly successful ribbon cutting ceremony was culminated with speech from Fredrick Puente, the president of Blind Industries. Mr. Puente recognized the efforts of the Construction Manager Merrit Properties. Through his remarks he, as well, inspired the audience and offered his gratitude to the design and construction team, lauding the 27 year local construction veteran, Riley Contracting Group:

“Riley Contracting Group does what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it, for they price they say they will do it for.”

Fredrick Puente – President of Blind Industries

This project has increased the employment of the blind in the Triangle Area and thereby increased their quality of life. Riley Contracting Group, Inc. offers congratulations to Blind Industries for their work in improving the lives of the blind.

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