NC State University’s Peele Hall

  • Scope: Commercial kitchen, dorm renovations
  • Total Project Cost: $2.5 million
  • Type of Project: Historical Renovation
  • Length of Project: 12 Months

Three stories high, this building has an area of 22,606 square feet. The building is named after William Joseph Peele (1885-1919) who was described as a “strange and useful character.” Peele conceived the Watauga Club, which is responsible for establishing NC State University, and gave the dedication address for its first building, Holladay Hall. A prominent Raleigh lawyer, Peele was a strong advocate of progress.

The project consisted of a complete interior renovation to the existing facility, including a very large new commercial kitchen that required all new utilities run from the street. Other renovations included handicap accessibility accesses, dorm rooms and commercial restroom facilities, new finishes, a storefront, facades and doors.